Monday, March 30, 2009

Catastrophe averted!

Well, kids, one week from today my book will be released on an unsuspecting world.

I had an alarming moment yesterday while checking my galley proofs. To my shock, I suddenly realized that an entire chapter of the book was missing! It was never there, actually, it somehow got left out of the master document that I originally submitted to Dreamspinner. And even though the chapter contains a key plot development, it is easily overlooked, and I overlooked it myself through several drafts. Thank goodness I spotted it in time! My editor in her wondrousness assures me it can still be changed in time for the release date. Whew! Felt the breeze as that one went by.

In the meantime, it turns out that planning a big book release party is a lot of work. First the food, which I now have all sorted out, and now it's the promo materials. I've designed a poster, which was a bit hairy seeing as I have zero experience that kind of thing, and I'm having fliers printed.

But seriously, it's all going better than I could have ever hoped. Everyone I've dealt with has been super excited and helpful, everything's been available and convenient and hassle-free.

I say as I totally jinx myself. Oh geez.

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