Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I'm so excited! My business cards have arrived!

They look so fantastic I can hardly believe it.

They were made by a fanastic British company called Moo Printing who make the neatest business cards, minicards, and everything else printed. Such high quality and such a great price, too. I got 200 bards plus that nifty holder for about $60. And you can upload as many images as you like. Highly customizable.

Anyway. Plans continue for the book release party. I just wrote to a cafe in the area of the center where the party will be held that's known to be a gay hangout to ask if they'd be willing to provide some simple food in exchange for promotion on all our materials. That'd be nice not to have to worry about that aspect of it myself. Well, me and my team of dedicated draftees...uh, I mean volunteers.


  1. Greetings: I just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed the book. I bought it on my Amazon Kindle 2 and throughly enjoyed the read. Some of the FeeBee stuff was a bit far fetched for me because I once walked to walk and talked the talk for 24 years and know what really goes on in that world but regardless it was most enjoyable. Since getting my Kindle 2, I have read some 70 Gay Romance Novels and a few Clit-erature books and to be honest I have been more than disappointed with the way most writers approach the subject matter. There seems to be a writer's template these books are written from which consists of twenty pages of plot line, two pages of character development and two hundred pages of describing the sex act. Boring! Being a double College Graduate and a working artist now, I like a little more plot line than that and a lot more romance in the character's lives. When I put a book down I want to be in a place where it feels like I know the characters and I know their struggles. More than that, I want to empathize with them and have them touch me. I can honestly say that of the many books I have read lately I have only been impressed with two books (Faith & Fidelity), and the other one is Zero at the Bone. My best wishes for your endeavor. Cheers! JM

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