Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Books and merchandise, ahoy

So this having-a-book-out thing is kinda surreal. I find myself obsessing over the Google Analytics on my website and drilling down to absurd levels of detail on the reports. It appeals to my OCD tendencies, I guess.

My publisher informs me that the sales are very strong so far! Yay! One can only hope they grow as word spreads of the TOTALLY AWESOME book someone just read. Hopefully the book will get some positive reviews on the various gay fiction review sites, and that'll help sales as well. I've gotten a few very nice fan letters, which is gratifying. In the next few days people will begin to receive their paperbacks. Words cannot express how anxious I am to hold that book, a physical, real book that I WROTE, in my hands.

I'm also delighted to learn that my fantastic cover artist, Paul Richmond, has just gotten another job doing a cover for MLR press, another of our indie gay romance publishing houses. He's sure it's because someone saw my cover. I'm thrilled because that's exactly what I hoped would happen when I asked him to paint my cover. My web designer, Brian Williams, might even get some work out of having done my website. Spread the love!

So, have you heard I have merchandise? I have merchandise. First is a lovely high-quality 11 x 17 giclee print of the cover art. The link to buy that is on my website. Second, I have a CafePress store! There's various stuff there featuring the cover imagery, like this mug:

And then then I made up this fun seal, for the Jack Francisco Hitman Rescue Society. There are items featuring the seal, like this mousepad:

The CafePress store is here.


  1. Congratulations, Jane!! This is fantastic and I hope the sales continue to skyrocket!! LOVE the mug & mousepad, too!

  2. Hey! I've sold a few items so far, hoping it keeps up. I ordered two mugs for myself to see how they looked, one of the title graphic and one of the Jack Francisco Hitman Rescue Society, and they both look fantastic!