Wednesday, December 22, 2010

It's a very D Christmas, after all.

Awhile back, I decided that I definitely, positively, 100% wanted to have a new web story available for this holiday season. I even had a title..."A Very D Christmas." So I started writing it. And writing it...and writing it...well, pretty soon it was long enough that I no longer felt super comfy offering it for free. It was expanding into short-novella territory, upwards of 40 pages.

Then I had the idea - why not make it a fundraiser? I could offer part of the purchase price as a holiday charity donation. But which charity? There was only one answer: the Trevor Project.

The recent spate of teenage LBGTQ suicides has spurred interest in the Trevor Project as well as Dan Savage's associated It Gets Better Project. Both are amazing, worthy causes and I know you'll be just as excited to support them as I am.

So now, "A Very D Christmas" is for sale for $1.99, $0.50 of which will be donated to the Trevor Project in the name of all my readers.

Please click over to my website, the story purchase link is on the front page.


If you would like to leave a comment about the story, please do it on this post.


  1. Just bought and read the story. Awe-some! :-D And very groovy of you to donate some of the proceeds to the Trevor Project!

    BTW the link above has an extra "http://" in it.

  2. this is a wonderful story. i loved it!!! i was wondering if you are ever going to finish two crows joy. i love that story also and would love to see more of it. i miss them and finding out how it will all resolve itself.

  3. This is the nicest Christmas surprise - how I have missed the Zero boys!! Thank you so much for writing and sharing this with us. I just downloaded it and am going to save it for a quiet time when I can indulge without outside interruptions. A little gift to thank you for that!! I look forward to (hopefully) more from this universe in the future.

  4. Just saw this post on Wave's site. I just bought this story. It's wonderful of you to help a great cause.

  5. Hi, just wanted to say thanks and that I really have enjoyed your story of Jack and D.

    I had just a quick question. In your Christmas story you have D reference his wife Shelia. In Zero, I thought the name of the wife was Sharon? Just wondering.

    I hope your new year is wonderful and you have many days of inspiration to continue writing Jack and D's story.

  6. Hi I got so excited about this new addition to the story I bought a copy thru PayPal but I haven't received the PDF. Then I saw that it was only until Jan 31.
    Please, please, please since I've already paid for it may I get a copy of A Very D Christmas? I loved Zero to the Bone so much. It would make my whole week if I could get a copy.

  7. Just finished reading your book and all the short stories and I loved them all. Kept picturing in my mind the (gay) actor Matt Bomer (from the tv-series White Collar)as Jack and Vin Diesel as D. :-) I will certainly read your sequel.

    Norma (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

  8. I read your Facebook note: May the Muse that brought you Jack and D re-alight on your imagination and return your talent to telling us more about these two full-bodied, complicated and thoroughly engaging men.

  9. I finished "Zero at the bone" today and can't think about anything! In fact I'm like in a daze, constalntly thinking 'bout the book! Can't get anything done!

    I'm so completly in love with the characters, the plot and how you played the emotions, the development of the relationship, and the sole fact that it is _probable_, not just a mere m/m story that diregards reality, but... goddamn.
    I can't even think v.v Love 'em to bits.
    I wanna more! *sniffles*

  10. Greetings!
    I just finished "Zero", and was so blown away, impressed and desperate for more, I went immediately to your web site. I wasn't able to purchase the Christmas story, the pay site won't take my CC? Is there anywhere else to go to buy it?
    Ooo, and thank you for the web stories!

  11. I just finished reading "Zero at the Bone" and I adore it. It's been such a job to wade through so much m/m romance slush on Amazon to find good gems. Just have to say, yours came up on several "rec" lists and after rejecting about 20 other novels I ended up buying yours for my Kindle. I was not disappointed. I could not put it down. You did a fantastic job. I love these guys!

  12. Hi Jane

    I've recently discovered your book through another book blog and I stayed up 2 nights in a row to finish Jack and D's story once I downloaded this onto my Kindle. I loved discovering the 3 short stories you have on your blog, but I'm upset that I cannot get access to the Christmas Story due to the dealine having come and gone..I'm hoping you will publish this on your site at some point? *Pleading and begging on knees* I hope you have found inspiration to start the sequel to J & D next adventure as I for one will be waiting with baited breath...Sofia

  13. Have just read all the stories about Jack and D. I would love to purchase the Christmas story...but there is a paypal issue.

    Any other way I can purchase this?


  14. I'm going to buy the Christmas special story right away but I wanted to say just how much I love Zero at the Bone, D and Jack are so sweet and just absolutely romantic and adorable together. I love them so much, I had bought the drawn comic of the story and it was awesome but HAD to get my hands on the actual book and I am SO glad I did because it was amazing!! I love how you wrote them and the story was so much more in depth and enjoyed it so much I couldn't put it down until I was finished and knew D and Jack were safe and alive together. I went right to your website to read the short stories which are so cute and I love reading more and more of these two. I sincerely hope there is a sequel, I understand how difficult it must be because of all these ideas you have and life just getting in the way but I just wanted to say I love your writing, I hope you are still writing, and cant wait to see what more you have in store! Again I am now a huge fan, I will be re-reading Zero at the Bone and all the short stories for the next week because I love it all so much. Thank you for writing this story and giving life to these lovestruck men whose relationship was a roller coaster but so passionate and intense that you couldn't help loving them and wishing for a happy ending. Love you Jane and hope to see more from you!