Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!

I hope all of you had a good 2010. It was a year of big changes for me and lot of activity. Sadly not a lot of it involved writing, but that's certainly changing! Writing A Very D Christmas has really gotten me excited again about writing about Jack and D. Now all I need is a plotline.

Yoo hoo! Plotline? Here, boy! *whistles* Damn, he was just here.

I had a very nice holiday. Over Christmas I was finally able to visit Lake Tahoe. After having written about Jack and D holed up there, it was awesome to see it. It is just as beautiful as I'd heard it was. Pictures don't do it justice.

Anyway, the new year finds me here at my laptop, writing on a variety of projects, one of which is definitely another Jack and D book.

Remember to pick up "A Very D Christmas" before January 31st! It will remain available for purchase, but only until 1/31/2011 will any of the proceeds go to benefit The Trevor Project. Click the link above to download the story for $1.99.

Wishing everyone a happy and prosperous new year!


  1. Tease. Anyhow i read A Very D Christmas. It was pleasant. Although i'm eager to keep reading more about Jack and D I wouldn't mind if something else written by you came along. I have a hunch i would enjoy anything stamped with Jane Seville. Anyway I'm glad for email alerts, and thank you for throwing us, me a bone.

  2. I am sooooo glad to hear that writing A Very D Christmas has got you excited about writing about Jack and D again - Yay! I bought the story as soon as I got the email alert and really, really enjoyed it (of course being a huge fan of ZATB this is to be expected)! :-) I loved getting a look into what D was like via comments from his sister before life changed so much for him. Also his interaction with his sister and her family (complete with that unique D humor)! And, of course, any little bit of day to day life with Jack (I just love that man!) and D makes me happy so thank for this interlude.

    I will send positive plot line vibes your way and look forward to any updates you can give us on how it's going. Happy new year!

    Lisa/BBMISwear :-)

  3. Thanks for giving me my Jack and D fix. I cannot wait till the next book. Wouldn't be interesting for Jack and D were made to work together. So at the end of the last book Jack and D were living in Columbus but D was working and staying in Cincinnati at least two weeks out ot the month which was bound to put a strain on their relationship. Let's say that a case D is currently working on requires to expertise of a exceptional maxillofaciall surgeon and because of D, Myerson D's boss, immediately thinks of Jack. Jack, of course jumps at the chance to see more of D while at the same time using his talents to help the authorties with the added bonus of wstching D work in his new legal element. D being D will hate Jack being anywhere near any form of danger and will fight Jack every step to the way. Not to mention the fact that D's personal and professional life, that up till now he has been able to keep seperate by sheer distance will intersect in full view of his the people he has to work everyday who will now see him as not only a force to be respected and feared but as man, a husband, a lover, a human being and a friend.

    What do you think? Is there a story in there somewhere? I would really like you opinion.